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Dubai’s top wall paint that is washable

What do stain-resistant and washable paints mean?

High-quality acrylic paints work best for washable wall paints since its volume solid is higher than that of other common paints, which is why washable paints always have a silk or gloss finish. Most paints have a white foundation, which allows us to easily switch up the color to whatever we choose.Primex provides one of the best painting services in dubai

Kind of washable paints utilized for interior walls in Dubai

Water-based paints with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are often advised for residential use. Solvent-based enamel paint is the only type we use for large-scale painting projects. Although most high-quality paints are stain resistant, you can ensure that the walls are completely stain resistant by using washable paints. Furthermore, you must ensure that the walls are level and devoid of any issues. Applying a silk coat will make all of the issues visible. Prior to using washable paints on walls, make sure you apply stucco and sand it down. If not, your painted walls will become problematic.

What is the best company for painting service in dubai?

Primex is one of the best company to work with in dubai.Our workers are highly skilled and experienced.We provides many services such as bathroom renovation in dubai

Painting services in Dubai